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Midreshet Binat, an advanced midrasha for women who have
finished their sheirut leumi (national service) is located in the settlement of Shvut Rachel in the Benjamin Hills of Israel. Led by Rabbi Michael Broom (The Rosh Yeshiva of Shiloh) and Rabbi Ronen Tamir (dean), Binat has been a wellspring of Torah for 18 years.
Midreshet Binat invites women to maximize this crucial time in their lives:
To develop a deep faith without compromise by listening to one's heart and one's needs. 
To encounter a staff of experienced Torah educators who will guide them on a path of service to G-d, developing a personal connection which will continue for years to come in a warm family- like environment.
To become a part of a circle of life long friends with true companionship and sorority. 
To connect with their roots, to learn and experience the true meaning of Torat Eretz Yisrael.
To internalize a Torah inspired life - to develop emotionally as a preparation to raising a family and involvement in social and national ideals. 
Help us realize our goals by building a bona fide campus which will accommodate twice the amount of women than we do today.
For more information and to make a donation, please contact Rabbi Aaron Tirschwell, Director of Development, at or by US phone number 914-775-5120.
For tax-deductible contributions in the USA, make your donations  payable to the “central fund of israel “  and be sure to earmarked them for  “Midreshet Binat” , and mailed to :
Central Fund of Israel
c/o Marcus Brothers Textile
980 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10018 
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